Thursday, December 4, 2008

my own personal gong show

Boy: three teeth have broke through his gums in the past two days. That makes six this month. He has taken to grinding his teeth. And not sleeping.

Girl: is unnaturally cold, cranky, and having a tough time adjusting to the 'sharing mama with every bloody urchin that comes through the door, it's bad enough that that baby showed up 7 months ago, but now there are all these kids around all the time and I can't seem to get mom's attention, and further more...' Blowing major wobblers.

The Man: has developed a serious passion for wallowing in waste. Can not sustain a conversation unrelated to garbage.

Me: I had spaghetti in my hair at lunch today. It stayed there for an hour before I found the time to de-pasta my head. Enough said about that.

Let's move over to happy photos now.

Awwww, lookit the cute baby!

It's my weekend now. That means I do my other job sewing for fun and profit (otherwise known as my third shift). Hope you all have a good weekend (and G, damnit, get well!)

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