Tuesday, January 13, 2009

fool me once...

So, there was this guy who worked at this independently owned Canadian manufacturing company. It had its issues, but the guy was proud of his work and felt good about working for said company. And then the company was sold to an American corporation, which subsequently made the manufacturing company public. A few years later, after systematically stripping the company of the original ideas and products that made the company worth buying in the first place, the corporation shut the manufacture's doors forever, laying off hundreds of workers.

The guy was a little sad and worried about his small family with their infant daughter. But, he went out and found himself another job with another independently owned Canadian manufacturing company. That was important: no shareholders, owned by some local dude.

But, within a couple of years, the second little company was sold to an American corporation. A year or two later, after all of the interesting ideas and products were systemically stripped from the company, the corporation shut down the little company.

The guy is a little worried about his not as little family, now with an infant boy added to the mix. He's smart, though, and his little woman is even smarter, so they'll be okay. But starting to feel a bit silly and slow on the uptake: what is the lesson of all this?


Anonymous said...

the lesson is move to New Zealand

Nita said...

Sorry to hear, girl! But like you say, you guys are quite smart.

Really enjoying your blog and such. The boys are sewing felt garland and I just finished a needle book for a little girl I know. Thanks for the kick.

Was going to call, but your # has disappeared from my speed dial.