Wednesday, October 1, 2008


'I can do it myself' is Smootch's theme lately.
I've gotten her a number of small pitchers and cups so that she can pour her own milk and water. Now she's asked for a small jar of peanut butter and foodstuffs on her shelf so she can get her own snacks. This house is so much more peaceful if she can move around and do her own thing, just like you and I, without having to ask or get us to do it for her.
Birdie is making his own bid for freedom too. Lately his mood's been so ratty. But yesterday, in desperation, I took him outside and plunked him down in the leaves. Ah, silence.
And his big eyes got even bigger.

It's hard to judge when the kids are ready for the next step or more independence. Often I misunderstand, and they seem to me to be acting bratty rather than trying to satisfy their curosity and natural desire to learn. We are all learning here.

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