Thursday, October 16, 2008

the most perfect moment

I can't not for the life of me remember where I read the suggestion to stop and consider that the present moment, no matter where you are or what you are doing, could possibly be the most perfect moment of your life. Sounds a bit silly, especially when you are wiping a bum, having a headache, or cleaning up cat yuk, but I give the advice a go sometimes. It usually is when I'm feeling put upon or unappreciated. And whenever I remember to ponder that this right now may be the most perfect moment of my life I always find myself stopping to listen and watch what other are doing around me. Often I discover my children, whom I was annoyed with only moments before, are actually happy and creatively engaged or that The Man is playing with them, or that the cat is curled up in his basket all ootchy scootchie warm and that makes me happy. And, yes okay, I'm wiping a bum, but wow, what a wonderful life I lead to be warm, well fed, and even bored with something so peaceful and marvelously mundane.
That was my thought tonight doing dishes. And in my could be the most perfect moment in my life moment tonight I stopped to really look at the window sill in front of me, with its collection of doodads that have accumulated there. Some were placed with purpose, but so much is just the regular flotsam of my life that I need to stash someplace quick. And I saw how this little collection of random and purpose was absolutely perfect right then. I don't mean to get mystical here, but this view:

inspires me to appreciate the amazing people I share my home with.

It's funny how often you can find something magical in the regular grind of life.

And how beautiful people are when they are not paying attention to themselves.

So, thanks kids, thanks Man, and thank you moments.

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