Thursday, April 2, 2009

the many faces of Brodo

This morning while making coffee Brodo managed to snake his little hand in the bag of beans and grab himself a handful. Quick as a wink he had one in his mouth. He knows to act fast because I am forever wrestling something frightfully choke-on-able out of his little fingers (this happens alot when you have a 4 yr old, 3 yr old, 2 yr old, and now 18 month old also in your house).

So, coffee beans: He was one stressed out baby as he crunched his way through the bean. He kept looking at me like, "mama, going to save me now from this bitter bean?" No, little man, this is called natural consequences. Plus, watching his expressions was way too funny and I had to find the camera ;0

Brodo is always eating something. Even washing him up after a meal we use at least two wash cloths, because he gets ahold of the first one and chews and sucks on it.

And then, after he is out of his chair, you realize that he did not actually eat all four pounds of food you tossed his way, but dropped, very deliberately, at least a pound of it down the chair.

And people wonder how come kids cost so much. Or have so much gas.

Hope you guys are enjoying the springier weather. It's amazing to witness another rebirth. The tulips are just starting to poke up out of the ground... must get out there with the camera for some time lapse tulip action!

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SewMamaLady said...

lol This is great. My 16 month old has gotten into the habit of deliberately dropping her banana puffs on the floor because she thinks she grab them when I let her down. I've also realized she has the uncanny ability to hide food in her diaper. Nothing like a diaper puff.