Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I'm always wondering how much I should be involving myself in the children's creative projects. Sometimes I need to be in there, not maybe for inspiration, but because someone has to weld the utility knife to cut the cardboard and remember exactly where the pipecleaners are stored. I'm also the official mixer of sparkles and white glue (though, application is not my territory) and the opener of acrylic paint tops. Occasionally I make small suggestions like perhaps cutting the eye holes within two feet of each other. I also am a great dispenser of the words, "what do you think?" Or the many varitions, "how would you do it?", "what else could you use?", and the direct, "do it yourself." I am a hands off kind of person when it comes to kids and crafts. I think that works really well with the wee ones I care for. (I had one child in my care actually throw her body over her craft at our public library when another lady, frustrated by my kidlet's slow pace, kept trying to take over threading straw pieces onto string for her. Me, I just make sure she's taken a pee before she sits down for a project and leave her to it.)

Letting Smootch lead herself with her creative work has taught me much. Like how being a bit of a slacker in housekeeping and keeping the kids on task actually enriches their environment (it's amazing what stuff Smootch can find for her collages if she mines the carpets). How paint can be applied with almost every part of your body and to every part of your body.* How right Bob Ross was to welcome 'happy accidents.' And it's how I learnt that robots actually have horns.

So much knowledge in one little brain.

*Inspiration there was probably Beaumont's 'Aint Gonna Paint No More' - one of our top ten favoritest books ever.

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