Monday, June 29, 2009

ready, set,...

Today Smootch and I discussed what she would like to do over the summer. Without hesitation, Smootch generated an eight point list of things she'd like to do and learn:
-learn how to read
-do yoga with a video and mama
-read more books, more often
-have treats more often
-learn to sew with a stitch witch
-go to fun places like museums
-go to rec center for playtimes and to swim
-learn a musical instrument
Everything on Smootch's list is more or less do-able. What struck me, though, most about the list is how balanced it is. She's covered music, motion, nutrition, intellect, and spirit. This is me learning to trust Smootch's judgement, trusting that she knows best about her own self. It's an unfamilar leap from popular parenting philosophy, which is about micromanaging and hothousing children's intellectual growth. Smootch's plans feel calmer. More balanced. And it includes more treats. I'm in!


Tan said...

How gorgeous is Smootch! I love her list, and I hope that my 2 year old gets the same sort of balance in her life as I try to provide her with the chance to learn and grow!

Wendy P said...

LOVE this list and your blogs. I'm not sure if I've commented before - just wanted to say thanks for doing them!

julie said...

You're unschoolers! It's the funnest.