Sunday, September 27, 2009

I confess

Okay, here it is, the real reason why we moved to Vancouver Island...

Butterfly World! Yay!

Smootch loves all things buggy and beautiful. Ever since we visited the Island two and a half years ago, Smootch has been talking about Butterfly World. This is definitely her world.

I was pretty nervous about Birdie Boy, though. I wasn't sure how my busy, grabby little boy was going to handle hundreds of butterflies swooping around his head, not to mention dozens of birds, both flying and on the ground, koi, and turtles. When we arrived Birdie was sleeping and didn't open his eyes until we walked into the main habitat and a whole swarm of butterflies erupted from a flowering bush, startled by our arrival. Birdie peeped this spectacle of rainbow wings fluttering everywhere, his eyes grew into perfect circles, and this beatific smile spread across his face. He was so gentle with the little creatures. He was amazing, almost a different kid.

And I got to be with my two babies blissed out on it all. Watching children having an almost transcendent experience is as good as prozac. Who can worry when the people around you are exuding joy at almost the same rate as they spread sticky fingerprints over every surface in the vicinity? So, there you go. Why we are here, really.

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Affi'enia said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time. Butterflies are amazing and I think they bring a smile to anyyone's face.

Glad the adventure is going well!