Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my wife The Man

Well, we've been here on the Island for, what?, two months and change now? Things are just starting to settle down a bit. When I was younger, childless and relatively man-less, two months in a new place would be about the time that the whole town would start to get a bit boring and I'd have a map out looking for somewhere new. Two months now, with family includings cats and sewing machines, I'm still trying to get a grip of where the light switch is in the hallway.

I'm still disorientated.

The kids are just calming down. If you think that children are resilent in the face of change and their spirited little minds naturally look forward to novelty and brand new adventures than you out of your mind. Children handle change like snowballs handle hell. They melt. They fry. They lose all shape and intergrity and turn into frothing puddles of unreasonableness.

At least that is what mine do.

Thank goodness there is someone else here with me, someone familar, weathering the child storms, and equally flummoxed by the strange, unintuitive position of the hall switch. A little normalacy is a good thing.

Oh, did I mention that in addition being the company to my misery, he also cooks most of the meals (all of the ones that don't involve peanut butter or jam), cleans up the abode, makes most of the household acquistions (except linens... I guess that is still my area), and takes more than his share of the childcare.

He's the guy telling the stories, playing cars on the carpet, pretending to be a malfunctioning robot and doing the crafts with the kids lately. He's the one with the imagination and stamina to keep up with the girl.

And the patience and mindfullness to be with the boy.

And he's doing fine, fine work.

Thanks handsome :)


garciagirl82 said...

What a sweet post! How lucky you both are to have found one another!

Sarah said...

Does blogger have a like button?

Cause I *like* this!

me! said...

Three cheers for your hubby. :):)

TavoLini said...

What a great post :)

Wow, her art project looks pretty awesome!