Monday, November 23, 2009

at the interent cafe, just a mile past the cows by Smith's ol' barn

Okay, so Shaw cable has no idea what they're doing. Apparently they can not use a calender ("we showed up three days early - that's good right?"), nor make simple logical connections ("Okay, we'll put you on the waiting list and give you a call if we have an avaliability to connect your telephone"). We are still without internet or phone until friday. That is, assuming they will show up.

Until then, I've got a coffee shop with wi-fi about a 5 minute walk away. Which is, frankly, a brillant thing, considering the rest of the place is rural and semi-rural, with the closest grocery store being a vegetable market with actual goats on the grass roof a 10 minutes drive away. Or, I could go into town, just 12 minutes away, but I have to make a turn right by the public beach to get to the store and I tend to get distracted by the ocean.

The ocean!

Alright, I'm still not over it. I've spent a lot of years in Alberta; it's going to take more than a couple of months to wear the shine off this place for me.

Vancouver Island has made good on its promise for a wet fall. November is usually rainy, so I hear, but this year has a been a good'er. Our firepit, just this past week, developed into a pond, then a river that flooded down through the yard, under the car and finally drained away in the trees 2 acres over.

A pond, with tree islands, makes a great play space, by the way, if you don't mind getting your boots filled every once in awhile.

The kids are good and sick. They've got some sort of hive creating virus. You'd think they have measles, but they don't. Weird, the stuff you pick up in Port Alberni. They're okay, though. They both had a day or two of fever (but not the same days, of course), but frankly they look awful, with pasty whitey white skin and red blotches. Their mood is good, still, and they definitely love exploring our new space. Again, as long as they don't mind getting a bit wet.

In our yard we can hear chickens, ducks, a turkey (everyone has birds) and goats (some people have goats. I hear they are not for everyone.) There's some llamas around too, but, then again, there is usually is. Oh, and a teeny tiny herd of cows (as in, there are a few cows, not that the cows are small), such a rare thing, that we actually use them as a landmark to remind me to take the next right to the shops.

It's not all mellow and laid back, though. There are some moments of excitement. A couple days ago, Smootch and I were walking to the store and I looked up into the antlers of a deer patiently waiting for us to walk by so he could cross the road. I did this (embarrassing) little shrieking jumping dance, scaring the deer and Smootch. I was surprised, okay? I know I used to accidently bump into the bellies of bull elk in Jasper walking half awake to work and yes, I just moved from a place where you are as likely to run into a bear as you are to your neighbor when walking around your block, but I'm still not that brave.

And, we rescued this guy from the flood (hope she doesn't eat all the trees).

So, that's it. Life is wet, happy, and novel. I've got a good amount of work done, not being distracted by the internet I suppose, and The Man and I have cooked up an ambitious new projects for the new year. More on that later...

For now, my big decision today is which way to go to explore next.

We are truly in love with where we live.


Lise said...

What fun! I'd never be able to make that turn past the beach without a stop!

Thanks for your thoughts on your camera. We're debating exchange vs. starting all over with a different one, so it's helpful to hear.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the kiddos might have fifth disease. A little bit flulike with a widespread rather alarming looking rash. Nothing to do for it but wait it out, rash goes away in a couple of weeks. Hope they are feeling better soon.

Heidi's Loft said...

Sounds wonderful! What a great place to be a kid! What a great place to be a grown up kid.