Sunday, November 8, 2009

orange boy

Birdie boy has come to realize the world is just not built for someone his size. All the good stuff (chocolate) is way up high and even the most utilitarian things (chairs) are so difficult to use that alterations (booster seat) are necessary.

Which is why he loves when he finds something smaller than even size small.

Four days ago when he first laid eyes on these tiny mandarins he has eaten, oh, forty, fifty or so?

Which has been a little bit evil on the other side of the pipe.

What we suffer for love...


the momma said...

that's funny - when I read he'd eaten 40 or 50 - before I got to the next caption - I thought - oh, that poor little baby booty! oranges are just the worst for little pipes, as you so nicely put it.

best wishes for a smooth move

Sarah Nicole said...

My son (15 months) just discovered those as well and I agree with everything you said! He loves them because they are just his size and they are terrible on the way out!