Thursday, July 17, 2008

back from camp

Miss us?
Our first trip out to camp this year and first one ever for Birdie. Poor little guy. On the way out he develops an eye infection which clears up about the time we get home. Spent the whole weekend getting breast milk squirted into his eye (I'm not weird - breast milk has antibodies in it. Repeat: I'm not weird. It's medical science. Breastmilk is amazing stuff folks!)

I think he's got some sort of aversion to the outdoors. Night and day these kids. Smootch loves outside. She loves nature. She loves the wind and sun and rain. The boy, well, not so much.

But he's okay, see:
That was taken on his camp bed on sunday, so, despite the goopy eyes (and dirty belly button), it was a good first trip for him.

So, camping. Serious lack of wildlife sightings this year. However, there were gnomes so it wasn't a total waste.Granny's poor gnome home. Every year comes Smootch the Destroyer.Smootch has been nasty to those poor little guys. She still owes Granny a gnome to replace the head she cracked early last year. (Note to self: must acquire gnome soon.) But, seriously, her kung fu is strong, she just needs to learn to control her strength.
Or maybe just needs discipline, probably.

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