Sunday, July 27, 2008

we are building a religion

No, wait - It was only a playground.

This past weekend The Man joined 20 or so others for a few days to build a new park out west at our camp. For those who have never been, we have a holiday trailer permently parked at a private campground by Nordegg, along with a few hundred other people. Everyone who camps out there is either a former resident or a decendent of a former resident of Nordegg, pre-ghost town days. Miner's families, basically. The Man's grandfather grew up in Nordegg, which is how a couple of peacenik vegans ended up members of th N.R.A. (Nordegg Recreational Association).

So, this was our weekend. Packing up: Stopped to pick wild strawberries out by Shunda viewpoint on our way out. It would be so very peaceful if it wasn't for the likelihood of stumbling on a feasting bear. We had our strawberries in pancakes. Soooooo goooood!

Little Birdie deals with his aversion to the outdoors by sleeping alot. In his snuggly: In mama's arms:
In the trailer at night, with, omgthankgoodness, his sleeping sister:
Smootch made a few friends and basically played her butt off all weekend. Turns out that the most exciting part of the playground is the turf they dug out to put in sand: I can't even tell you how much fun these kids had on a pile of dirt. Something we forget in this time of stuff. I know my kid is happiest when she's using her body and brain - playing imaginative games with basically a blank canvas (dirt and rocks). Toys, well, unless someone will play with them with her, she has no interest. Which tells us it's the people she wants, not the stuff. Okay, down off the soapbox.

But it is good to remember it is the people she loves, not stuff.

Lovely weekend.

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