Thursday, July 10, 2008

oh, lookie! A whole 5 minutes to actually post something!

First of all, y'all should pop over to here to see Smootch's tutorial. She's been watching how-to videos on you tube and has decided that she knows tons of really usful information she simply has to pass along. I have no idea where she would get this from.

She's definitely entering the 4s. As in the two year old says 'no', the three year old says, 'look at me' and the four year old says, 'why'. Oh the whys! This kid can not have enough information. Her favorite books right now are non-fiction fact books and kid's magazines about animals. If it's quiet enough you can actually hear her brain making little wet sucking noises as her spongey brain soaks up information.

Another exciting thing is watching Smootch develop an imaginary friend. "Pretending Baby" (that is her name) is, at last quiz, speaks Chinese, has a broken leg and must be carried around in Smootch's pocket. As Pretending Baby's biography gets longer, Smootch's play gets more interesting to overhear. It's like having another kid.

Little home improvment in the front yard:

I will go take a pic when its all done, but we got rid of our lovely grass filled prickly pear patch and built up a bed with field rocks. It's going to look much sharper out there when it's all done. In the meanwhile, the kids will play...

Hope y'all have a good weekend :)

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