Saturday, July 18, 2009

how to lose weight quickly

The title of this blog is about to take on a whole new meaning.

This is where the tv used to be: Smootch has made it into a little bed, perhaps a wake of sorts for her old friend.

The television is the latest casuality in our two mad weeks of emptying out the house. We are are just closing on the purchase on a 30 foot RV, which will be home for all of august and perhaps september. Maybe longer.

No, our beautiful blue home still hasn't sold. But we are turning the keys over to a realtor at the beginning of august. We wash our hands of it (but we'll take the check, when it finds a new family to live in it.) First up will be a two weekish tour of Saskatchwan, looking for a lovely spot to call home for the winter months. Then it'll be the annual family reunion in Camrock, and then up to Peace River for a visit with the family who lives underground. (Dad-Man, btw, is still kickin', though still going through recouperation, with at least one more surgery to go. Note to self: don't block the bowel. Retain gasteromic intregrity.)

Ideally, we should be able to keep most of our things in the RV. Which means that most of the things we currently own need new homes. How amazing it will be to go from a 1000 square feet to an RV! We will keep our mattresses and individual dressers, a few boxes of mementos and the lego (oh, why the hell do we have so much lego?), which will be stored in grandma's duck house until we need them for our winter residence (or if at all), but other than that, we fit in the RV or it goes.


Back to the house. How to slim it all down and quickly? The Man has been a Kijiji'ing like mad, and seem to be having a lot of fun, strangely enough. Good-bye squash raquets, spare dehydrator, and game box! Freecycle is also a brillant resource, if you can convince people to actually come pick up their stuff. Today a whole truckload left with MeMa and Auntie, and looks like I've managed to get rid of another couple of bookshelves too. (All I can say is that if you park your truck outside of our house right now, I suggest you don't leave it unattended or you'll find it filled up with furniture.) The whole 'getting rid of 95% of my stuff' is a roller coaster of emotions, but ultimately I just want to shed it all. Just think, I've probably lost over 500 lbs today - who doesn't love that feeling?!


Sarah said...

That is just amazing.

Got any fabric you're destashing?

Vegbee said...

yes! I'll keep you updated...

Winda aka DutchQ aka (*ΓΌ*) said...

I am decluttering my house at the moment myself. I find it difficult to part with things I've collected over the past 36 years of my life. I so admire you and your family for being able to go trhough your stuff and only take 5 % with you, trowing 95% away or selling or giving it away... Hear me aplauding for you!

lots of succes with this adventure!

hugs from the Netherlands
Winda aka DutchQ

EmmaBee said...

Good luck with your new adventure!