Friday, July 31, 2009


Things are moving along over here!

First, our big news, somebody loves our home enough to buy it! We've accepted an offer and it's all a go, with a possession date of september 1. In addition, we couldn't ask for better buyers - they are a small family we actually know a bit from the public library, with a girl the same age as Smootch (she even has curly hair too ;). They garden and ride bikes and just lovely in so many ways. Ah. Satisfying. They were to be our last viewing before we turned the whole thing over to the realtor (actually, I was giving The Man hell for not pulling our sign earlier since there is no time for viewings when you are downsizing, packing and preparing, so they just squeeked in, with only The Man's good nature getting them in the door.)

The shedding and preparing continues. We are getting to the nitty gritty. How many cookbooks do we take? How many days of clothes to wear before washings? Our home is mostly empty (yet still messy :O).

I should have some pics of Sybil soon, but I think we'll do our big clean up of her first. Her carpets and chairs need cleaning, and the mirrors washed etc. Yesterday we checked all her systems - heat, fridge, water, and they all work just fine. She was in the mechanics shop for a few days getting her spark plugs replaced and some other surprise issues (always something, yes?) She's actually got another appointment on tuesday because somehow the mechanics knocked out her overdrive while in the shop and now she doesn't want to do hills. Considering we have two provinces worth of mountains to get through, not to mention the whole Icefields Parkway to Jasper in a few weeks (the same mountain that killed my first car), we sorta need her to be able to go up faster than 20 km. So, one more trip to the shop.

But then we are out of here.


I will get back to sorting through our clothes, but leave you with some pages I've visited to inspire and help us out a bit as we've been downsizing.

Here is Families on the Road downsizing page. FOTR, btw, is an amazing site. Go there. Read the blogs. Marvel at the different ways families can live and learn. is my new favorite blog. They are a family on Vancouver Island who are now getting a bus to convert to a living space, but they also have all sorts of lovely thoughts on unschooling, unjobbing, and life in general. I've been trying to stalk them a bit, I mean, make friends, but so far no go :D Here is my favorite resource discovered there (for now).

WhyWork? has given us some food for thought. I know some think I'm nuts but everytime I hear of someone being laid off I think, 'Good for them!' Because being untied from a job is an opportunity (and, yes, maybe a tragedy too. Every situation is different, and with every second that passes are a number of choices, attitudes, and possibilites for personal revolutions... we mustn't put all hopes on the jobs provided by corporations and their shareholders because they will fuck us everytime.)

Cheers all, I'll be back soon!


MoonStarFalling said...

Thanks for linking at MDC. We are a little behind you, hoping to head out by the end of the summer. So it's helpful to read what you're doing. We're still waiting for our house to sell but I've been dumping our stuff this last year in preparation. Good luck with your journey. I hope to read more.

Anonymous said...

You've been trying to make friends?! How could I be so obtuse! You are now my friend, lol.