Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We now officially have two homes

Hey, a quick sneak of our new friend:
Not the prettiest of pictures (I think it's the one from the ad I found on our computer), but I will get some better ones soon. Of course, if we are to be living in the silly thing, there will be many MANY pictures anyway :)
I've started calling her Sybil after her shiny new license plate that spells out 'SYB', something I got to look at a lot yesterday as I followed her from pick up to the shop to have her batteries tended. The Man was an absolute god yesterday, between waking up at 4 am with Birdie Boy, then going to work (to quit), and then the running back and forth between towns to get the certified check, then the insurance and registration, then back to get Sybil, and back to the shop. Oh, and then tidied up our completely trashed house for a viewing at 6, then even took us all down for slurpees. Me? I woke up late, went to discovery canyon (outdoor water park) with the kids, did a bit of driving (insisting on a coffee to take along) and then went to the toy store to play. My job description is basically, 'watch the kids.'
Soon, though, I've got to get a bit more involved in the de-stuffing, as I have a ton or two of fabric that needs sorted and adopted. I feel a bit weepy thinking about it actually.
The kids, btw, are loving this whole process. They get to go out all the time now to strange and wonderful places like automotive shops, and there is always something pulled out in the house that is new (and usually not so good for children to play with). They've hardly noticed the slow thinning of their toy stock. We've been explaining and de-stuffing along with the children as much as possible but ultimately they've never been really interested in their stuff before, and seem even less concerned now. Both of them just want to get out of the house and see things. Perhaps our children's curosity with the wider world (and seemingly annoyance at having to be at home at all) makes this whole adventure viable at this point in our lives. By the time they're teenagers I'm sure things will be drastically different - or maybe not. Children never cease to amaze, and as long as they feel a part of the decision making, who knows where their adventurous hearts will take us all?
Can't wait! T minus two weeks!


muffinandbear said...

You should sell the fabric on etsy!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are my hero!! I so much want to do this...just wander around the country until we find "just the right place" to stay.