Sunday, August 2, 2009

me me me

A little while ago I was asked to write a guest post for Things Mommies Love blog, which, after some procrastination, I did. It should be appearing August 6th. I’ve also been asked to provide a picture and a small biographical paragraph. No probl… wait. A small autobiographical paragraph is an amazingly difficult task. Sure, I wrote seven thousand words about contemporary women’s relationship with handicrafts - that was fun! - but a hundred or so about me? Ummm… no, thank you.

I have a picture. It’s the only one I could find in recent months where my mouth isn’t beginning to form the sentence, “Don’t you dare take a picture of me!”

Biographical details? Yes, I suppose I could give myself a number of labels. Like mom. Or vegan. And unschooling parent, life long learner, sewer/pattern maker, blogger. I can even add deliberately homeless (or soon to be). But, of course, that says nothing about me really.

I could say something about walking a fairly regular path until about high school, when I decided to get a life instead of a diploma. Since then I’ve done some roaming (sea to sea in Canada), some reading (probably 10 thousand books or more), some formal educating (B of A degree, with distinction, thank you), some socializing (partying), some breeding (two gorgeous kids), and some life partnering (who also did many of these other things with me). All of which, in actual fact, makes me fairly typical (my ego believes otherwise, but I’ve also learnt to not take Ego’s advice very seriously).

You are going to say that I am over thinking this. Just say it plain, Charity, get over yourself. I am a vegan, unschooling mama to a preschooler and a toddler, and a partner to a great man. Hmmmm. Or maybe I am wife, mother, and pattern maker. Or could be that I am a business owner and creative craftsperson, who also happens to have a beautiful family and a 30 foot RV. What can I say that doesn’t make one aspect of myself more important than another?

And now I am feeling rather narcissistic. Not in the clinical sense, but like maybe my time could be better spent getting lunch on for that beautiful family.

Alright. To get it over with, what do you think of this:

Charity Beasley, aka Vegbee, spent too much time deliberating (obsessing) about what to write for her biographical paragraph that she ran out of time and decided you could find out for yourself on her blogs found here and here. If you figure her out, you can help by emailing her at and let her know because she still doesn’t have a clue.


Fig Fighter said...

You are an intelligent, compassionate, and beautiful person who inspires all. You are a caring mother and a supportive partner, a good friend and a trust worthy acquaintance. Humble and at times way too hard on yourself. You give with your heart and are incredibly thoughtful.

I am unbelievably lucky to have you in my life. Thank you.

Rosalie said...

I love the blurb you ended up with, it's perfect!

Veronica Cummings said...

That is perfect!! Maybe you could also add that you make people like me want to live in an rv and come to Canada just to be your friend!!

Anonymous said...

I believe that you could sum it up as "an inspiration". I know that you have inspired me (many people in my family got scoodies for xmas this past year). It is easy to see that you inspire your family since Smooch is the only preschooler that I know that can thread a needle and sew. Above all I think you inspire us all to live more completely.