Sunday, August 30, 2009


We are en route to Port Alberni, without Sybil. The RV has been deemed too scary for mountains (not to mention that she doesn't start without some serious electrical voodoo) and is parked at a farm, awaiting our visit in the spring, when we will hopefully take her on an Alberta road trip to visit family and take in the North Country Fair. We've got our little car, the kitties, a roof rack and bubble. We have no things. No dishes, towels, pillows. No toys. No books. No can opener. Tomorrow we ride the ferry to the Island and start looking for an apartment.

Right now The Man is walking Birdie Boy around the Travelodge, trying to get him back to sleep. with the drive, even trying to keep down to only 4-5 hours of car time a day, his erratic sleeping habits have gotten even more nutty. I've seen more sunrises lately than I care to.

Here he is crashed out in the car with a popsicle. When I tried to remove the popsicle he would wake up and cry until I slipped the stick back into his little paw.

We've had time for some stops, mostly taken in various states of undress. It's been hot and smokey.

We also got to stop at the Enchanted Forest, just west of Three Valley. I haven't been there since I was a kid. Of course, the best part was watching Smootch - heavy into her fairytale time - explore the castle and forest.

If you do plan on visiting yourself, bring lots of quarters for fish and duck food. Smootch highly recommends getting up close with the ducks. Apparently it is an experience to write home about :)

I'll update next time I find some internet and time. The Man just brought back some wild picked blackberries and a wide awake Birdie Boy so we're off to do some impromtu harvesting. Later!

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Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

sounds like fun, kids can be so unpredictable can't they! my DD would lurve that forest.