Thursday, August 20, 2009

Plan B

Alrighty, so Sybil is still in the shop and will probably be there until monday, making it a full week without our things. Sybil's electric system is best described as majorly screwed up. Buddy who had it before did his own electrical work, and it seems he's a bit of an idiot. This, my friends, is a lesson learnt. Painfully.

On the upside, so far, looks like having only 2 days worth of clothes with us is just fine, providing there is a laundry within reach. We've decided to park Sybil, once she's sprung from the shop, out on a farm for the winter (where she's got lots of space and playmates in other abandoned vehicles) and when we come back in the spring we shall have a mobile home to do our two month visiting/festival stint in May and June. In theory.

This winter we shall still be on Vancouver Island. In fact, we hope to leave this coming wednesday, with 4 days travel (cats and kids, need lots of breaks) and be there by the weekend. The plan is to find some accommodation for the winter, with our very few possessions (have I mentioned that our car is a two door Neon sport), picking up what is needed in terms of livingware at the Free Store in Port Alberni.

The Free Store? What is that and why does it sound so cool?

Glad you asked! The Free Store is just as it sounds, with a significant portion of the second hand items offered being completely free (just take it!) and the rest being just a dollar or two. Drop off stuff costs a couple of bucks, but they do not refuse anything. The underlying principals are diverting goods from the landfill and encouraging reconsumption (their term) rather than consumption with the buying of the new, resource use heavy, goods. My kind of place, which also happens to be the brainchild of a couple of friends, but I've never been. (Nic, have you?)

This weekend we'll proceed with our scheduled camp trip with The Man's parental units and their parental units out in the Rockies. Smootch has already gone ahead, leaving us a few days early, preferring to spend her time basking under the full attention of two sets of grandparents rather than hang out with her very distracted and busy parents and the brother that bites and hits. (I just can't understand that girl's reasoning?! :D) Of course, we are borrowing a trailer for the camp (mama don't do no tent. Well, except when she does.)

We'll be back for monday, winterize Sybil (if she ever gets out of the shop) and clear up some final details (including the testing within range of our vet office of the kitty dope we're getting to help the cats relax on the car ride - I feel terrible for those critters and hope to do good for them at the end of this ride). Stuff - house, rv, books, games, toys - these are the things that have proven themselves to be the headaches of the past month and a half. I wish to be lighter, so much lighter!


Anonymous said...

How disappointing! I'm sorry that poor Sybil isn't house-worthy yet. I suppose our bus isn't even here yet either, lol. It always comes down to paperwork and money... I'm glad you'll still be on the island though.

I hadn't even heard of the Free Store! What a great concept. We had plans to go hiking in Tofino sometime in the near future so I should check it out when we go through. Thanks for the tip!

nys said...

Was in a real 'dip' tonight so checked out your blog :) you've made me smile.

we were warned by my grandad about the RV maintenance issues--so we have a 29 ft trailer we haul with a truck--while it still has its issues--they are simpler to deal with. Last year when my dh was out of work we logged 78 nights in it. (only about 4 weeks this year-- i just want to be home with the sewing machines LOL)

BTW where are your machines now? I did bring one with me that i would drag out from under the bed and put on the picnic table- but it is a hassle...

DON'T give up on the hotwater!! i feel that if we have to live in this 'modern' world we should at least have toilets and hotwater! after 3 yrs with the trailer--i finally found the switch for the hotwater!!! If they are telling you that the cost is that high-ignore them and figure it out on your own. None of it is as complicated as the sewing you have done ( I have tried my hand at both ;) if you are really in a pinch in terms of the hotwater tank/plumbing/electric look into getting an instant hotwater heater that mounts right on your sink--very simple hookup about $50 (found one on sale for $30) just be careful with the kiddos (install a secondary switch) so that two switches must be turned on and the faucet to get hot water and turn down the temp. SOOOO worth it :)