Monday, November 10, 2008

birdie's gone crazy

Brodo has gone completely bonkers with teething issues. He finally FINALLY pushed out a sharp little tooth nub yesterday morning but tonight he is completely manic with biting and sucking and being horribly grumpy towards everyone. He has 3 more little buds in there, all bluey, purpley soreness. He just fell asleep after a couple of frantic hours of sucking on fingers (anyone's digits that came with in a foot of his face) and the end of a toothbrush. Oh, and me. But not just the usual part of me that you would think. Any bare skin will do. I think I may have a hickie on my neck, where he latched on when I put him up to burp and couldn't get him off again.

So I'm off to bed early because I'm sure this is going to be a long night. In the meanwhile, I'm soothing myself with a pic of Birdie taken while we were cleaning up leaves last week. He's looking much happier than he is right now. For those of you who haven't seen him in awhile, you'll be happy to know he is sitting up, babbling, and discovering how much fun it is to make other people laugh:
Sticking his tongue out and making this sorta weird, crinkly nose face is a couple of favorite tricks to get us all laughing. And I think watching us laugh is his most favorite game of all.
Birdie is growing so quickly. He's been moved to a 20+ lb car seat. Our poor little car is bursting since the full size seat has to be rear facing.

He's so full of wonder at everything right now. Big eyes taking in as much as they can. He just likes to look, you know. Wants to see everything. Places with high ceilings, like our library, are his favorite. He also like cars, practically giving himself whiplash everytime a car drives by while we are out walking. His other favorite thing to look at is his sister. He will just gaze at her sometimes. Completely fascinated by her. Of course she is smitten with him. I couldn't of planned it better. Watching the two of them laughing at each other and playing - I remember all the games my brother and I used to play, the dynamic and familiarity we had that simply could never be replicated with another person who had not been there since the earliest years. The kind of knowledge of each other that could be used for good or evil - knowing what buttons to push for maximum irritation, or how to make them belly laugh with only raising an eyebrow.
I hope Birdie's teeth let him sleep tonight. And me. But if not I will comfort myself with how gorgeous he is (even when he's screaming at me). That, and the apple pie The Man made today.
'Night all.

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