Wednesday, November 26, 2008

cookie party

la la la la la.

Hey, Booboo, this cookie making stuff is kinda fun, huh?

Yeah. I like to cut out the shapes. And what's this stuff your mom's got on the table? Sprinkles to decorate? I don't know, seems sorta weird, but I'll give it a go. I'm comfortable with my masculinity.
Oh, yeah, sprinkles are neat. Make sure you cover the entire cookie, you don't want to leave any brown stuff showing. Here, use the big spoon.
Poke them all down so they don't escape.
Wow, these sprinkles are pretty sticky. Hey, Booboo, have you tried these? They taste good. Kind of sweet and crunchy.
Yeah, you're right! Sprinkles are yummo. Try some more! Here, where's that big spoon again?
Wow, so good. Hey, did I ever tell you about the time that I was on the playground and this really funny lookin' kid came up to me and...
Huh, mom? Wha? Cookies? Oh, yeah cookies. Gotta put sprinkles on the cookies.
Smootch, you know what would be a really funny thing? How about if we use the tools to punch out the cookies? That seems like such a good idea right now!
One sprinkle for the cookie, one hundred sprinkles for me.
Dude, where have these sprinkles been all my life?

I know! They're, like, so good! I don't know why mom keeps them at the back of the cupboard.
Hey, check out this sprinkle container. I bet I could eat all the sprinkles in here all in one go.
No way! I dare ya! OMG, you totally did it! I want do one too!
Ha, ha, that last one (hic) totally made my throat (hic) burn.
Ha, ha! Okay, one more! Race ya!
Ah, no (hic) fair! There is no way you could of beat me. One more. I know I can suck them back (hic) way faster than you.
You wish, dude. I rule these sprinkles.
(20 minutes later)
I'm flying! Look at me, look at me, I'm flyinnnnnnngggggg!
Oh, no, dude, I've gone blind! I can't see! Somebody talk me down!
Mommy, why are you lying down? You know what you need? Sprinkles.


Renee Hall said...

This is a fantastic post :)

Reminds of good ol' colle--- I mean childhood times

Do it yourselfer said... your blogs! can't wait to come back and camp out on them...must go educate my kids now.

Michelle said...

Too funny!!! I can't wait to have bambinos!!