Tuesday, November 18, 2008

trashy talk

Yesterday walking to school, I noticed everything that Smootch was wearing was handmade. Made me feel good.

Another good thing: The Man has begun a blog to chronicle his dumpster diving, junk yard scavenging ways. You can find his adventures and thoughts over on Squanderism.

Smootch is tremendously proud of her father's work to upcycle junk. She tells her friend this morning, "My daddy went to the dump!" while holding up a little treasure The Man found on one of his forays.

Smootch drawing with found felt markers:I admit that at first I was a bit squemish about The Man bringing stuff home from the dump. Okay, there is a high percentage of furniture I brought into this union that actually came from dumpsters (try all of the furniture I owed 10 years ago, a significant amount we still use today). Still, I was thinking dumpster diving belonged to my poor past, and now that we are solidly middle class we could maybe get stuff from thrift stores rather than dumpsters. Thrift stores are my idea of la dee da high class now :)

But just a small glance at what is actually being thrown out I'm absolutely blown away. I had no idea. It's sad and sickening and bewildering. But I'll let The Man tell you all about it over on Squanderism. I might even be allowed to blog over there too one day ;)

Let's just say for now, all of y'alls holiday gifts are coming from the dump. That is our gift to the earth this year. But don't freak out. You are going to find that reclaimed, salvaged, and rescued makes for a good home.


Color Dynamic said...

How do you wash / santize it?

Vegbee said...

soap, tea tree oil, sometimes bleach. I think the man is going to post on it soon too.

EverythingIveGot said...

I love that you are recycling things for gifts! What a truly novel idea!

And I've tagged you!

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