Sunday, November 23, 2008


3:30 am Smootch can't sleep - tossing, turning, moaning - her legs hurt.

4:00 am Smootch finally settles asleep

4:01 am Birdie wakes up

4:30 am Birdie back to sleep

5:30 am Mama back to sleep

6:00 am Birdie singing his morning song - time to wake up

6:30 am Smootch awake, moaning. She has a fever.

7:00 am Smootch throws up on Mama. Bath to wash vomit from both our hair.

9:30 am Mama goes back to bed for nap.

12:00 pm Mama has coughing fit that brings up something youdon'tevenwanttoknowwhat. Mama has fever.

4:00 pm Mama has developed a limp from some sort of weird, painful swelling on the bottom of her foot. What the?! Are there limph nodes down there or something?

6:00 pm Smootch pulls herself away from 'how it's made' videos and announces it's nap time.

6:30 pm Birdie falls asleep

7:00 pm Mama and Papa feel like deer in headlights - should be be happy the kids are both asleep early, or are the kids regrouping for another long night?

7:01 pm Birdie up

9:30 pm Birdie down

9:31 pm Mama in bath. Mama accidently knocks glass of water off the side of the tub where it shatters into two millions pointy shards of glass, which all run this way and that in the water. Mama gets out of bath to clean up, just as cats knock over new christmas tree in living room. Mama takes a tour to pick up tree and as she does the base falls off BANG on the floor. Smootch wakes up, comes out to find a bathroom filled with glass shards. Smootch HAS TO GO NOW. Mama lifts Smootch over glass to toliet and promptly imbeds glass shard in toe. Smootch, stranded on toliet, panicking about blood dripping on floor while Mama wrestles with bandaids that do not want to stick on wet foot when Birdie wakes up and begins to cry in next room.

Mama cries.

12:00 pm No one crying, no one bleeding, no one awake.

6:00 am Pappa wakes up with a scratchy throat. Pappa has fever...


Mary said...

Ouch! Hope you guys feel better soon. Friend's kid just started preschool, and now we're all getting strange diseases.

Melinda said...

Ooohhhh... what a day! It's that time of year; flu bugs and cold germs. Rest up and get well... tomorrow will be better!