Sunday, November 16, 2008

montessori make over

Some changes around my house lately. When I say 'some', I mean the place has flipped upside down. I may as well confess now the main reason why I've been so lame as to getting things done sewing-wise is because I've been doing the massive amounts of paper work, course work and house work needed to be a family day home provider. I just signed the contract with a licensing agency on friday and I'm good to go. Now all I need are some people willing to trust me with their precious wee ones (every plan has a glitch, yes?)
So, some changes. One of the things I've done is give my home a Montessori make over. Which is to say that I've taken the Montessori method as a model for the environment in my dayhome. I chose Montessori for a few reasons. The biggest is that Smootch attends a Montessori preschool and the type of organization comes naturally to her. Since setting up I do not have to tell her to clean up her things anymore. That alone is worth the rearranging. Another reason is that Montessori environment is very friendly to groups of children of varying ages, which I will have in my dayhome. Also, the set up allows for the children to be very self sufficient. I am so on that - the more they can do for themselves (and I don't have to slump around getting things for them or cleaning up) the better.
Changes. Lots of hooks at child height, avaliability of kitchen linens, brushes, and rags. Small dishes and utensils, small jugs for pouring water and soy milk. I've also arranged Smootch's playthings and actitivites in a Montessori style, and added another shelf in the living room, to be used as a playroom for the dayhome.
That's my ugly shelf (one day I shall build it a cloth cozy). But you can see how the activities are divided up, readily accessible, neatly placed, and logically grouped. Not exactly how a Montessori school room would be arranged, but definitely a home friendly version.
I've also added some mats to be rolled out and played on. They are undyed cotton - I love them. Good for defining play space that can be respected by playee and those walking past.
Smootch playing a memory game she learnt for school. She has a song, "Something's missing from my tray, can you tell what I took away?" This is her favorite activity right now and, I hate to say this, but she is so bad at it!
Smootch has also been drawing up some playmats to play with the toys. This is her roads, and she has a dollhouse drawn on paper too (for the bratz dolls - please don't ask why she has them [but a grandma was involved, just so's you know]).
There are a lot of other changes but you'll have to wait for more pics. Now that the dayhome is approved, I've got a pattern to get out (which is way overdue) and, from a phone call I just received, a scoodie to make up for my young friend. (btw, I just got rid of the scoodie that went virual since I felt so weird wearing it around. Remind me not to post pictures of myself anymore.)

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