Friday, March 27, 2009


My life. I keep trying to complicate it. I have these lists of things to do. Housework, house selling work, sewing work, child work, work, work, busy work. I feel like with the extra hours of sun that I have this opportunity to fit even more to dos in the day. The details and minutae of the moments get lost, as the list grows longer with the day.

But, my life, is filled with these little hands that keep poking and prodding my attention towards the details. The small. The wonderously simple. I both curse and bless these little reminders. It would be all so much easier without the complications of children, but it would also be meaningless. Always trying to find the balance.

And always trying to remember that at least some of the extra sun hours in the day are meant to be spent lingering over dinnertime, enjoying each others company.

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