Monday, March 30, 2009

she says to me

This past weekend I attended a conference for early childhood caregivers. Frightening enough, I attended one session called, 'Early detection of eating disorders.' And I had a preschooler in mind. (Not Smootch mind you. She has an amazing happy attitude towards food now. In my house we do not say, 'yuck' to food. The rule is that we prepare delicious food, and that if there is a problem that it is with the eater, not the food. Smootch has been coached to say, 'this food is not agreeable to my palatte.' Which is completely stinkin' cute to hear a four year old say.)

During the conference they had a mini trade show, where there was a Usborne books seller had set up. Completely unable to resist the 'That's not my..." board books series, I wandered over to have a looksee. I ended up buying a few books, including a big book of Things To Do. Because Smootch has reached the age where she is starting to flop around whining on about being 'bored.'

Bored! Good for her!

She'll discover all sorts of new ways to entertain herself now, because I am not going to help her out. Well, except for maybe providing the occasional bit of inspiration. The Big Book of Things To Do is sorta neat. Smootch doesn't often get new books, mostly we borrow from the library, so she was fairly excited about this book with all sorts of craft and dress up ideas in it for her. She's hoppin' around and bouncing, waving the book around, and she says, 'yay! I hope I get bored soon!'

I feel, somehow, we're taken the long, wandering, scenic path, but we are still heading in the right direction.

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