Thursday, March 26, 2009

time keeps on slipping

Having the house listed for sale is a bit like being suspended in a time vacuum. We've already packed up what we do not use often (and a few things that we do, like Smootch's rubber boots) but we dare not pack up more because, well, life continues on even though we are moving.

And life does move. Birdie's first birthday is just three weeks away. My first craft show is a week away. My sewing room is now a little corner tucked behind some boxes.

I'm making a few garments to demo my patterns for the craft/art show (Snell auditorium, saturday april 4, 10-5, if you are in my neck of the woods). It's been awhile since I visited some of the patterns. I had to consult with my instructions to remember how to assemble a lace up dress.

At least finding fabric in my sewing shanty is as easy as opening up a box from the top of the pile of fabric boxes. Finding a specific fabric, well, not so easy.
I lucked out on the second box with an embroidered linen to make a lace up dress with for the show. I love linen. It's made of flax, a crop that uses much less pesticides and herbicides than killer cotton. It's long lasting, it feels good to wear, it breathes, and it's a dream to press. It's one fabric Smootch loves to wear and doesn't care that it's in a neutral colour. It says something about quality when the pink and purple queen wants to wear the taupe.

A few more garments before the show. I'll post them over at my portfolio as they come into being.

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