Thursday, March 12, 2009


A few days ago, this was us:

Today, though, was another story. Someone finally told the sun it is March and time to come out. I spent the day chasing the sun around the house. Well, when I wasn't outside basking in the gloriousness of it all.

I wasn't the only one chasing the sun today.

And birdie boy too...

I caught this little stacker toy hanging out in a sunspot in the living room.

While I was taking a photo I heard the distinctive thump squish scrape thump squish scrape of birdie doing his odd little bum scoot into the room while dragging along his favorite fairy wand (oh, come now, don't we all have our favorite magic wands?) Normally he'd be high tailing it towards my camera, being so close to the ground and invitingly grabbable, but the stacker in the sunlight was the focus of his determined scoot.

And then something neat happened.

I wish I could of taken pictures of all the wand waving birdie did trying to get the sun to sparkle just right across his feet. Eventually I ended up with the wand while birdie tried catching the sparkles. Holding up the wooden stacker discs and catching the sun to flash himself in the eye also provided a bit of entertainment and wonder. All told, birdie spent, oh, 10 intent minutes or so inspecting the properties of bright light and reflective surfaces. Which is a lifetime practically in terms of baby attention span.

And you will never be able to tell him ever that his fairy wand isn't magic. Or me, that the sun isn't medicine.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures, you are quite the blossoming photographer. we've also been enjoying the suns return. we spent the last few days outside shovelling snow into the wheelbarrow and moving it to strategic locations in the yard in hopes of it melting sooner. This, by the way, is completely Jasper's reasoning, I just move the snow where he tells me to :o)